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Email Marketing Book - Email Marketing Course Online - Learn Email Marketing Step by Step - How Can I Learn Email Marketing - Income By Email - Nomad Life With Email Marketing - Security Badge
Email Marketing Book - Email Marketing Course Online - Learn Email Marketing Step by Step - How Can I Learn Email Marketing - Income By Email - Nomad Life With Email Marketing - Front Cover

About The Book

“Nomad Life With Email Marketing” is one of the best rated email marketing book by the community. Sold more than 1000 copies from different sources and continuing.

No bullshit and long stories; only helpful – real content!

Many case studies and tens of proven high converting email templates along with hundreds of working subject lines.


Reading this and implementing the learned skills will help you start your email campaigns within a week and you can start making money from the next week itself!

I have discussed tens of business ideas that can be done via email outreach campaigns and have provided all required email templates for all business verticals.

Discussed all the tools that you will need to automate all your email marketing campaigns and send emails in bulk without getting into spam. Good Point – All tools are freee!!



I read it [this book] and within first 8 days, I was able to make my first $100 with email outreach. Currently email marketing is my side hustle and is helping me get some extra income to support my family amid this pandemic.

– Brian Moore

What’s inside


Tens of high converting email templates.


All tools to automate bulk email outreach.


Learn writing high converting emails.


A hundred working subject lines.


Techniques to find thousands of emails.


Hundreds of lead pools to earn commissions.

Chapter 1: Why This Book?

Have you ever heard of Digital Nomads? Those are people working (especially) into the IT field, traveling around in their country or across the globe, and working from the places they love. Digital nomads can be developers, Internet marketers, SaaS company owners, content writers, consultants, eBay sellers, etc.

They just need their laptop and an Internet connection for their work and they can do it from anywhere around the globe. They work for a few hours a day and then explore the places throughout the day. Have you ever thought of living this dream life or are you currently leaving it? If you are leaving it, congratulations! You are one of those few who have made it there. If not, I’m sure with this book, you will be able to make your way towards the wonderful life of working for a few hours and making a handsome passive income.

I personally live such a life today. I’m free to move anywhere around and I don’t have to ask for leaves to someone, I can sit on a beach and make money for myself. I usually travel around and have my laptop and an Internet connection where I work for a few hours daily and then wander around exploring the place and people.

If you too would like to have a great source of passive income, let me clarify that only purchasing and reading this eBook won’t give you your dream life, but you need to take actions and work on it. Initially, you have to spend hours and hours on email marketing techniques, I will discuss with you further in this book. If you are having your job or some other responsibilities, you can work a couple of hours daily and can set up everything for you.

Who should read this book?

If you want to be a digital nomad, this book is definitely for you. If you own some digital products or services and you want to sell them, this book is for you. If you want to work part-time and make some great income, this book is for you. If you don’t have such a service/product and would like to help others sell their products/services and make money with that, this book is for you.

You must be having many skills other than email marketing. I too am a developer and own a web-design agency called 72Cubes. Additionally, I personally work as a customer success consultant for SaaS companies. [ My team helps me a lot to run these businesses : ) ] I started the agency and my consultation service 100% with email marketing and till the date, email marketing is still one of the major sources of lead generation. You too will agree that email marketing is the best way for the same with the next few lines you read.

To make money with any of the skills you may have like coding, writing, consulting, marketing, physical products to sell, etc. you need customers. Is that right? Now, to get customers and to convert them, email marketing has been proven the most successful and the cheapest way. You can even sell your services or products to a person whom you have never imagined, maybe living on the other side of the world. If you feel “I do not have any such services or products to sell then how can I make money with email marketing?” Well, you can still do that (I promise).

Now, as you know, how important email marketing is and how can it help you live your dream life, we will take ahead another step towards your goal of achieving freedom and yet a passive income that can help you fulfill your dreams and help you support your family.

Let’s go through some case studies and use cases of email marketing for you to understand it better.



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Email Marketing Book - Email Marketing Course Online - Learn Email Marketing Step by Step - How Can I Learn Email Marketing - Income By Email - Nomad Life With Email Marketing - Security Badge

As a newbie to email marketing, this book has helped me a lot understanding outreach strategies and with my side hustle, I have already made $320 within the first month

Lisa Wilson

I own a consulting business and I can assure this is one of the finest and to the point book to learn email marketing. I was able to write all emails and send out emails in bulk. This is so amazing!

James Trooper – Finance Consultant

I own a content writing agency and this book has helped me learn more about email outreach strategies. I have already reached out to more than 500 companies and got 6 new clients.

Jay Joshi – Content Writer

Never thought sending out hundreds of customised emails to sell white-label services was so easy. Thanks to Rushi for such a wonderful book! I have have already got many conversions.

Egor Bobcor –  Freelancer

Email Marketing Book - Email Marketing Course Online - Learn Email Marketing Step by Step - How Can I Learn Email Marketing - Income By Email - Nomad Life With Email Marketing - Book Cover

Easy To Follow:

The book is written in order to make it easy to read and follow for all levels of expertise. Be it a total newbie or an intermediate or an expert. The guide to writing good emails and deal with various business is crystal clear with all details.

High Converting Email Templatees:

The book mentiones a lot many high converting email templates for various businesses and niches. All these email templates are proven to convert well. Along with the emails, I have also mentioned tons of headlines that work well.


Scraping Data of Prospects:

The books shows the exact techniques and methods to scrape data of your prospects be it any niche or any location. These techniques are guaranteed to work providing you thousands of emails and other details of your prospects.


Sending out Customised Bulk Emails

The book mentions how you can automate sending out bulk customised emails with free tools. Instead of using tools wroth hundreds of dollars every month, we will setup our own custom system to send out emails for free. No technical knowledge is need for this.

The Most Trusted And Appreciated Book To Learn Email Marketing

Email Marketing Book - Email Marketing Course Online - Learn Email Marketing Step by Step - How Can I Learn Email Marketing - Income By Email - Nomad Life With Email Marketing - 5stars

Business Concepts Discussed in Book

In this email marketing book, we will discuss various business concepts to make money online. It includes all the email templates you will need along with email data scraping techniques and tools to automate everything!

  1. Partnering up with service companies like web design, social media marketing, graphic design.
  2. Affiliate marketing with email marketing.
  3. Email marketing for influencers.
  4. Email marketing for real estate agents.
  5. Domain selling with emails
  6. Selling social media management white-labeled service.
  7. Selling websites with emails
    And More
Email Marketing Book - Email Marketing Course Online - Learn Email Marketing Step by Step - How Can I Learn Email Marketing - Income By Email - Nomad Life With Email Marketing - Front Cover

Enough of Discussion!

Give me access to book NOW for FREE [Only Today!]

Email Marketing Book - Email Marketing Course Online - Learn Email Marketing Step by Step - How Can I Learn Email Marketing - Income By Email - Nomad Life With Email Marketing - Security Badge

I myself am an email marketer and after reading this book, I applied my email marketing skills to bring in more business by tying up with influencers to provide influencer marketing service as mentioned in the book. That was fantastic!

Alex B.

One of the finest books I have gone read for email marketing. I was able to learn email marketing within a few days and the book has a crisp and direct to point email marketing course to help me understand everything about email outreach.

Nick Anderson

I lost my job amid the pandemic and your book helped me generate a new source of income. The income is still not as good as my job, but is just 2 months. I am now not applying for jobs but spending more time doing email marketing as mentioned in book and my income is increasing.

To who ever lost their job and want to start a side business, this book is the best option. You just need to purchase the book and follow what is taught in the book. 

The email templates in the book are great and I’m very happy with that. I am writing my own emails for different businesses and I keep the same language and structure of those emails in the book. Initially it took me time to scrape data from Google and other websites to find out emails, but now I’m really fast at that. I also sent out emails to some companies where I can provide them email scraping service and with that I also got one client.

Overall this book is great. I need more templates in the book so it is easy for people like me to directly start email marketing. I won’t mention the exact figure here, but I’ve earned already more than $3000 in this 2 and half months.

Lucas De Jong

I loved the book and the description in the book. It is good to get all information to the point and the website mentions it right that no bullshit only good content. Everything mentioned in this book is actionable. 

James North

The best book to learn email marketing. I am making more than $1500 every month with the help of this book. Perfect! Can’t thank more, Rushi!

Eva H.

Initially I was skeptical to purchase this book, but once I did it was the best decision to do so. I already left my 9-5 job and I am making almost 2x of my job salary. It is just that you need to actually work on give some time and have patience. It takes time to build business. Rome was not built in a day. It was tough decision to leave my job of $4500/month, but that was the best decision so I could focus on my business.

Jacob Taylor

Thank you Rushi for this good book. It has been almost 8 months since I purchased the book and I have been making more than few thousand dollars every month. I have also left my job and now full time focusing only on email marketing. Thank you.

Mayur Sanghani

I own an WordPress plugin and I use this book to do email marketing it. Book does not mention exacttly about selling plugins, but the other information helped me understad and learn email marketing. As my english not very good, so Rushi’s team helped me write good eamils to send out to my customers. I did the same way email marketing as shown in the book and all works best. My every month income increased by three times with email marketing. Thank you.

Srinash Bandara

I love this book. One of the finest books I have ever purchased. Very straight forward information and everything is very actionable as opposed to all other books where writers only talk every thing abstract. This book has the right information need to start email marketing and make money with it.

Lily Thompson

I have been working with Rushi and his team for development and management of my SaaS company. Once over the call, Rushi recommended me this book to strategise the email outreach campaigns for my business once my SaaS product was ready. This book mentions the exact details that any email marketer would need to start with the campaigns. We are using the same pattern and same methods to reach out to our prospects who are basically senior management authorities of giant companies like Samsung, Lufthansa, Emirates, etc. and this works like charm. 

We have seen how easy methods Rushi has mentioned to find out emails of all these people and also automate the email out reach campaigns still customising all the emails. We would have spent $300-500/month is utilising such software, but the system that book mentions can be setup all for free. To further automate we are using some tools that costs no more than $5-10 per month. So, we are saving a lot and generating more revenues.

Kudos to Rushi!

Ryan C.