How to redeem your code?


1. You need to have a valid code purchased from one of our partners.


How to redeem

1. Visit:

2. Fill up the form shown as in the screenshot and click on Submit.

How to redeem

3. If the details are valid, you will receive an email within 2-5 minutes with a copy of your eBook. Please check your Promotions and Spam folder to look for the email.


What if I don’t receive the email?

1. Please check the Promotions and Spam folder.

2. If you haven’t received the email within 10 minutes, please fill up the form again to assure you have filled up the right details.

3. If you still don’t receive the email, feel free to send us an email at with the following details and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

a. Write your full name.

b. Write the partner website from where you purchased the code.

c. Mention your code.

d. Please attach a copy of the invoice.

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